Industrial Server & Storage Cables

Industrial Server & Storage Cables

There is constant innovation in the industrial computing and storage industry requiring both standard and application specific interconnects. Our close relationship with the major component manufacturers, OEM’s and their distributor partners enables OCP Group to offer the most relevant products to the broader market.

SATA Cables

When looking for SATA, SATA II, eSATA and External SATA Cables you’ve come to the right source. All of our cables are RoHS compliant and 100% tested to meet the SATA II 3.0Gps performance requirements. Whether you require latches, left or right polarization, custom tooling or standard off the shelf SATA cables, contact us for all your SATA cabling solutions.

Slimline “Micro” SATA Cables

These cables are just starting to hit the market to interconnect motherboards to small form factor 1.8″ DVD & CD ROM drivers (typically used in laptops) from Toshiba, NEC, Sony, Hitachi and Intel. We offer both right angle and straight SATA connectors with standard lengths or custom configurations.