OCP | Custom Cable Assemblies

Imaging Cables

Medical imaging technologies are following the same rapid pace of advancement transpiring in commercial imaging. New developments in everything from optics to imaging electronics are fueling enormous growth in endoscopic and topical patient imaging systems. Please contact OCP to see how commerically available technologies like HDMI, Displayport and USB might be applied to your imaging cable assembly. In addition to very unique bulk cable requirements OCP has has broad experience in the fine pitch assembly of small gauge coaxial (micro coaxial) to custom pcb’s as well as assuring their solder joints and connections are protected under medical grade epoxies.


  • Highly flexible cable designs
  • Ergonomic Mold design for easy grip
  • Custom Connector Design
  • ISO 10993 Bio-Compatible Material
  • Autoclave, ETO, Radiation Sterilized Cable and Connetors
  • Paralyne Coating