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Press Release | Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Impact

San Diego, California, January 3rd, 2011

OCP Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that has developed the capability for termination of Trackless cables for both rolling flex as well as random motion or torsion flexibility. Applications include Robotics, Industrial Automation and Packaging. Some cables are ideally suited for harsh environments or Clean rooms where low particulation is critical. Cable components for these cable assemblies are only from industry leaders in each category.

These cables feature rapid design and delivery schedules, reduced minimum quantities and competitive pricing. All with proven and validated field results. OCP is managed under the auspices of the WHMA / IPC 620 process standards. All facilities have either ISO 9001/2000 or QS 9000 approved quality systems. For further information about OCP’s products and services please visit our website or contact the sales department.

As always any of our products can be modified to suit a specific application where unique length, environmental or electrical requirements may apply.

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About: OCP is a leading manufacturer of cables, wire-harnesses and sub assemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) in a wide variety of industries from Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment, to Medical and Storage.

Established in 1988 out of a dedication to consistently deliver the highest quality interconnect products. OCP has since established  its own cable manufacturing plant in the late 90’s to satisfy customer demand for tight control, quick turns and smaller lot sizes. Coupling this with a vendor partner base established in Asia years earlier, OCP has become a comprehensive resource for small OEM’s and large multi-nationals alike.