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Press Release | OCP makes USB 3.0 Cables available, Finally!

OCP is pleased to announce a new collection of it’s most popular cable products for Embedded Computing Solutions. The “Nifty Fifty” product families have been organized to appeal to anyone in a design, product wire harness products. Whether searching for External, Internal Data or Power cables the product presentation is designed to give the reader a quick synopsis of relevant products. Once a product is selected further information such as detailed drawings and photos can be accessed with the simple click of a mouse.

For Internal Storage requirement a complete lineup of ULTRA ATA or IDE as well as SATA products is included. The SATA page features a large offering of numerous orientations, pin configurations and connectors including SAS cables designed for the high performance Servers or Storage Arrays. Video cables for DVI, HDMI, SVGA and as well as Display Port are available. Many common Internal and External Power harnesses are also included. The most common configurations of External Data cables for industry standards such as RS-232, 422, 485, Firewire, GigEvision and Universal Serial Bus cover most application requirements for data transfer. Finally OCP’s latest product family of industry unique Panel Mount Cables completes the offering. These industry unique cables offer a design the freedom to extend any native port on a Single Board Computer to a front bezel interface avoiding the expense of a mezzanine deck boards and mounting hardware.

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About: OCP is a leading manufacturer of cables, wire-harnesses and sub assemblies to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) in a wide variety of industries from Instrumentation and Industrial Equipment, to Medical and Storage.

Established in 1988 out of a dedication to consistently deliver the highest quality interconnect products. OCP has since established  its own cable manufacturing plant in the late 90’s to satisfy customer demand for tight control, quick turns and smaller lot sizes. Coupling this with a vendor partner base established in Asia years earlier, OCP has become a comprehensive resource for small OEM’s and large multi-nationals alike.