Panel Mount Cables

OCP’s family of Panel Mount cables offers equipment manufacturers and integrators the most unique designs in the industry at the best value. We inventory a standard product line but as always, we can customize any of our assemblies to suit your particular application.


USB Port Cables

Our design engineers are highly experienced in creating interconnects for the most demanding environments and satisfying the most stringent specifications. When you work with OCP, you can be sure you will receive the USB cable solution that best fits your needs. From climate controlled rooms and hospital grade assemblies, to industrial and harsh environment applications, OCP is your one stop solution.


Snap-In Cables

OCP’s new family of tooless “Snap-In Cables” features a unique design which allows these cables to be simply snapped into the any bulkhead without the use of tools or fasteners, producing a secure fit and clean look. One of the highest costs to any system builder or integrator is the assembly of the device. These “Snap-In Cables” are designed to significantly reduce the cost of assembly because no tools or fasteners are required. Our Patent Pending designed product, simply Snaps In to the properly sized bulkhead opening with no nuts or screws.


Video Port Cables

Whether it’s SVGA, RCA, DVI or HDMI configurations, OCP has extensive experience designing and building a wide variety of assemblies. Our years of developing solutions for this demanding market place have helped us create a robust catalog of “off the shelf,” solutions. If you don’t see exactly what you need, however, contact our sales staff, they’d be happy to design the custom solution your particular project requires.


Networking Port Cables

We offer an extensive line of Fiber Optic and Cat6 cables and couplers that will help you port industry standard mother boards and routers to any faceplate. With custom plates, and custom molds, we’re confident we can provide a solution to suit your application either from one of our industry standard cables, or a custom assembly designed specifically for your project.


Serial Port Cables

Our products offer solutions for a wide range of designs for this work horse of the industry. From dual serial and parallel port to the most straight forward DB interconnect, our catalog of products ensures that we can provide the cable you need. Our extensive production background also means that if you can’t find what you need in our”off the shelf,” family of products, our sales staff can work with you to develop the unique solution your project requires.